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Sunday, June 12, 2011


Today at church we learned about temples and the huge part they play in each of our lives. It got me thinking! My family growing up was never sealed in the temple...and still to this day we aren't. You can imagine how horible that  must feel. To be so close to your family and to love them sooo much but to not know what will happen to them. To not know if you will be an eternal family! I know that my savior Jesus Christ has a plan for each of us. This was a part of my plan. I know that with the lords help we are all able to have forever families! Even my family can be forever :) I love the temple and the ordinences that you can partake of if your living a life and fallowing the path Heavenly Father has prepared for each of us! Let us all live a life that we are worthy to enter the temple.

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